Smart LANC-Hub

Smart LANC-Hub allows you to use multiple LANC devices with any single camera. Most cameras have only one LANC port – but sometimes you want to use two LANC devices e.g. Portkeys BM5 monitor and Remote start/stop handles (such as Clutch, Tilta etc).

Smart LANC-Hub adapter merges 2 LANC signals from separate remote controls into one LANC signal. Both remote controllers can be used simultaneously without signals collision and data loss. Smart LANC-Hub is supporting all LANC remote controls available on market. Product takes it’s power directly from connected camera.

Mounting can be done using a screw through the 3mm hole on top of the case.

Bonus feature:
Smart LANC-Hub supports functionality mapping feature which can be configured by configuration software through USB port. It allows to use camera features which are not available on remote control. For example if remote control have zoom buttons but miss focus control buttons then zoom function can be remapped to focus control.