Resin Heater for Photon/Mono Printers

Take precise control over your resin’s temperature using Resin Heater PH2 for Photon/Photon-S/Mono-SE 3D Printers.

Easy to install: just drop into the vat of the printer, fix by the vat’s screw and connect it to printer’s power supply using splitting cable or external power supply.

Advantages of controlled temperature of resin:

  • Use your printer at any environment where room temperature is less than normal 25°C / 77°F
  • Get maximum out of your resin at specific temperature (example: Siraya Blue, best at 30°C)
  • Get consistent and constant size of same print over time and environment temperature
  • Speed up printing time
  • Decreases warping
  • Increases detail level on thick resins
  • Makes resin more fluid thus decreases unwanted polymerization of surfaces because of light scattering



Note Resin Heater can be powered directly from printer’s power supply or use external power supply

Download User Manual


In the box:

  • Heater controller with heater frame
  • Splitter cable for power supply (option if no extra power supply purchased)
  • 12V Power Supply (option if extra power supply purchased)
  • USB cable for firmware updates
  • Options Price: 0,00 
  • Product Price: 99,00 
  • Total: 0,00 




  • Designed for Photon / Photon-S / Mono-SE vats
  • Heater power: 25W (powered from printer’s power supply, adjustable)
  • Heater power: 55W (powered from separate 12V power supply, adjustable)
  • Change target temperature by +/- buttons
  • Change heating time by +/- buttons
  • Change power budget by +/- buttons
  • Manual heater ON / OFF button
  • Temperature range up to 45°C / 113°F (limited by software)
  • Temperature monitoring/heating according to resin level
  • Automatic heater OFF by adjustable Timer
  • Automatic detection of finish printing (by software update in future)
  • Real-time temperature monitor on integrated OLED display
  • Safety: Automatic heater OFF in critical temperatures over 50°C / 122°F
  • No moving parts, fans, etc – increases safety!
  • Buzzer
  • °C / °F units
  • Weatherproof housing
  • Operational voltage 5-16V
  • Micro-USB port for software updates


Download User Manual