Ultimate Camera Control CAMremote-LANC with Wifi/Bluetooth

CAMremote-LANC controls almost any camera on market using any LANC remote controller. The CAMremote-LANC is bridge between your LANC controller and camera which miss LANC remote control port.

Note CAMremote-LANC comes without camera connection cables. Please choose one according to your camera. If you wish to control cameras using Wifi or Bluetooth then no extra cable(s) needed.

Note CAMremote-LANC requires external power feed. There are 2 ways how to power it: using Micro-USB jack on side (5V) or using 2.54mm 2-pin jack on top (3-12V). Please contact to find out suitable powering solution.

Most popular supported cameras:

  • * All Sony cameras manufactured starting at 2011 including latest A7C
  • * Blackmagic Cameras with USB / Bluetooth support
  • * Panasonic GH4, GH5/s, S1, S5
  • * Nikon/Canon
  • * GoPro (Wifi only)
  • * Olympus
  • * Z-CAM
  • * Etc.


If you choose to control your camera using USB port then following extra cables are needed depends of type of USB port your camera have:

Sony MULTI-USB Cable
Panasonic / Blackmagic / Nikon / Canon / Sony with USB-C Cable





Product size: 33 x 22 mm (1.3” x 0.87”)

Product weight: 11g (0.2 oz)