Ultimate Camera Control CAMremote-3

The CAMremote-3 controls almost any camera on market using your RC equipment (PWM / PPM / SBUS / Wifi / Bluetooth / LANC), UART interface or simple mechanical switches. Controllable features depends of camera remote control capabilities.

Note CAMremote comes without camera connection cables. Please choose one according to your camera. If you wish to control cameras using Wifi then choose ‘Wifi Support’ in ‘Additional Features’ list below.

New feature coming: Atomos Ninja monitor can be used as a Remote Control unit to control camera parameters and recording. Atomos Ninja monitor requires LANC cable. Expected firmware release date: 1-August-2022.

Most popular supported cameras:

  • * All Sony cameras manufactured starting at 2011 including latest A7C
  • * Panasonic GH4, GH5/s, GH6, S1, S5
  • * Nikon/Canon
  • * GoPro (Wifi only)
  • * Olympus
  • * Z-CAM
  • * Etc.



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Board size: 31 x 21 mm (1.22” x 0.83”)

Board weight: 3g (0.106 oz)