TopCR-1 Camera Remote Control

Easy to use camera remote control for mounting on top/tube handles compatible with wide range of cameras (Arri / Blackmagic / Canon / Panasonic / RED / Sony / Z-Cam).



Main features:

  • Start / Stop Movie Recording, AF / Shoot
  • Control camera parameters: aperture / shutter speed / ISO etc (highly depends of camera which features are controllable)
  • Trigger recording on Atomos LANC-compatible monitors
  • Double action buttons (half-press and full-press positions)
  • Re-assign buttons functions by configuration software using PC (Windows. MacOS in future)
  • 2 profile sets for button configurations, changeable on the fly
  • True digital LANC splitter (no data loss on mixing)
  • LED indications for power, recording and profile swapping


Supported cameras / remote control interfaces:

  • All cameras with LANC interface: Blackmagic / Canon / Sony / Z-Cam
  • Z-Cam cameras with LANC (AF / Movie / Zoom / Aperture / Shutter / ISO / eND / Manual focus / Audio Gain / Menu manipulation / Camera Sleep-Wakeup)
  • All Sony cameras with MULTI interface (AF / Shoot / Movie / Zoom) (requires extra cable)
  • Panasonic GH4, GH5/s, S1 (requires extra cable)
  • RED cameras (requires extra cable)
  • Arri cameras (Movie Rec Start/Stop) (requires extra cable)
  • Atomos LANC-compatible monitors



** Top Handle is not part of the product

159,00  129,00 



Mechanically compatible with Handles:

  • SmallRig Top Handles: 1638, MD2393
  • SmallRig Top Handle / QR NATO Handle with Rubber (1963, 2084). Handle Diameter: 34mm
  • SmallRig NATO Top Handle for RED and DSLR Cameras 1961
  • SmallRig NATO Top Handle 1649
  • SmallRig Handles with Cold/Hot Shoe (slide to Cold/Hot Shoe)
  • Missing yours? Let us know



Made using strong plastic (Polyamide). Weight 13g / 0.43 oz.


Download configuration software for Windows here